About Me

Born in Chicago and raised in Peoria, IL, artist Alec DeJesus turned to art as a means of escaping a rough upbringing, and focuses on enveloping a very real message of “strength and pride through perseverance” in his vibrant paintings and murals.

Alec moved to Dallas, Texas in 2018 to pursue a full-time career as a muralist and fine art painter. 

Within the first week of moving, his work began showing in various local galleries, exhibits and events in the Dallas metroplex. Once shutdowns began in 2020, the focus shifted from gallery exhibits into murals. There he found a voice in sharing experiences and human connection through vibrant colors and symbolic animals and figures. 

Mainly self taught, Alec uses brush and spray paint intuitively to create expressive and surreal artworks with a focus on energetic marks and emotion. All works are free handed to allow the mind and body to directly translate to his surfaces. 

Studio paintings have been shown locally and nationally with many now belonging in both public and private collections. His murals have been commissioned by large companies like Starbucks, Nike, Service King, Trust For Public Land and international design firms like DIRTT Environmental Solutions; as well as local organizations and universities nationally. 

Currently Alec is working as an independent artist out of Dallas, Texas.




IG: @youcancallmealec

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